#literatureforchange is a clarion call from Wedoria Chronicles to promote a collectively conscious effort towards igniting social harmony through literature. For people to express their ideas, their vision of a world with soul - focusing on unity, community and oneness. By eradicating evils like discrimination, persecution and exploitation. The initiative aims to spark thought, encourage debate and conversations about societal change by publishing expressions from contributors around the world.

How can you contribute?

Simply by sending us an email with your expressions. And you stand a chance to get published by Wedoria Chronicles.

Ongoing Topic: Discrimination

Discrimination has many faces, many forms. Directly or otherwise, we have all been witness to these. And felt sorry. However, feeling sorry is the same as accepting discrimination. It's time to express yourself. Raise your voice. Write about it. Stories, essays, poems, articles, scripts... anything that you are comfortable with. Join the #literatureforchange movement. Collectively, let's #enddiscrimination.

Send your expressions to aritra.sarkar@wedoria.me


  • Aritra Sarkar Goliath of Shenzhen

    A story set in China, Goliath of Shenzhen explores the unifying power of an idea while analysing the various facets of the concept of freedom.

    Told in a unique 'dual-facing' format-- incorporating both graphic and prose story-telling modes-- 'Goliath of Shenzhen' explores the limits of freedom against the backdrop of contemporary China.

    In a nation that has undergone gut-wrenching changes from state-sponsored development, it raises the question, "Could there have been a better way?"

    -- Available in Flipkart and Amazon

    HanX, a fictional village located in the outskirts of present-day Shenzhen, China's industrial heartland forms the backdrop of this story.

    Government excesses over the years has transformed the village from an idyllic, rural community into a sleaze den for fat cats.

    Now, even this unholy compromise is threatened when the government decides to evict the villagers and expand a junkyard for auto companies.

    With their homes and survival at stake, the villagers, led by five brilliant youngsters build a militarised robot out of junk auto parts to stage an audacious stand-off against the mighty Chinese army.

    Will they succeed? Or will their dream for freedom exact a price that's too high?

    Aritra Sarkar Goliath of Shenzhen

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